Kendrick Perkins wins the 2013/14 Shaqtin’ a Fool MVP Award

The reign of JaVale McGee as the Shaqtin’ a Fool MVP has ended as Shaq revealed that Kendrick Perkins beat out Nick Young for MVP of the 2013/14 season.

In honor of Perkins winning the award, here’s the best of Kendrick Perkins from 2011-2014.

My personal favorite Perkins moment of the season didn’t come in a game but on Instagram when Kevin Durant called Perkins “cupcake” after Perk complained about being left out of a team photo.


So congrats to Big Perk again and congrats to the following guys that were left on the cutting room floor throughout the season but now made the show in this special montage of FAILS (of course there’s another appearance by Perkins).



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