Kenneth Faried Yells “All Ball” After Refs Call A Foul On His Block On DeAndre Jordan’s Dunk Attempt

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DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan is usually the one being awarded with the block of the nights, but on this night, he was the one getting rejected…sort of. Early in the first quarter of the Clips and Nugs game, Kenneth Faried came up with a surprising block on a DeAndre Jordan dunk attempt. So surprising, the refs called it a foul, which led to Faried flexing and yelling “all ball!”

More surprising than all of the above is DJ stepping up to the free-throw line and making both shots – maybe “ball do lie” sometimes. Since those were his only attempts, he ended the game shooting 100% from the charity stripe. He also ended the game with a L as the CP3-less Clippers took a 25-point beatdown from The Manimal’s Nuggets.