Kenny Anderson – Stay Real Video ft Eric Sermon

Years before YouTube was even a possibility, the best places to get mixes of your favorite players was on the Fox/NBA series of videos like NBA Jam Session and the best trilogy ever (yeah screw LOTR & Star Wars) – NBA Superstars.

I was wandering through YouTube and came across this Kenny Anderson video from Superstars 3 featuring the song Stay Real by Eric Sermon.  I actually think this was one of the weaker videos from the tape but it brought back some great memories so I thought I would share it with a bunch of people that have no memory of life before YouTube.  Enjoy…hopefully.

If you are a Kenny Anderson fan (or just hate Duke) then I’m sure you will enjoy seeing these highlights again.

Just like LOTR part 3, this post has multiple endings, but I can’t talk about Anderson without bringing up his high school career.  He was the first 3x Parade All-American since Kareem and as a senior he was given the player of the year award from just about every organization giving out awards. Not only was he considered the #1 player in the country but he was ranked #1 over Shaq!  If only Ballislife was around back then to capture those days at Lincoln High.


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