Kenny Dobbs Dunks Over Man ON FIRE & Burns The Net Too!

Have you ever seen some dunks on YouTube and thought those dunks only happen in video games? Well, that’s because it’s “YouTube dunkers” like Kenny Dobbs that are doing the motion capture for these dunks.  The game makers use their bodies and movements and then enhance them in video games like NBA Jam where a player can “be on fire” and dunk a burning ball through a hoop that creates an explosion.


Well, Kenny Dobbs decided to do his own version of the NBA Jam “he’s on fire” dunk but without any computer-generated special effects (Behind the Scenes video below).

It’s safe to say this not so safe dunk won’t ever be performed in an NBA dunk contest. Although, Dobbs did show and try to convince the 2014 dunk contest winner, John Wall, to do the dunk but Wall was smart enough to go with some safer dunks and I’m sure the Wizards ownership is happy about that.

But after the event, Wall did give a live TV shout out to Kenny Dobbs and I’m sure the average basketball fan watching the event on TNT asked “who the hell is Kenny Dobbs,” but believe me their favorite player (LeBron? Kobe? Durant?) knows and is probably a fan of the man who has found ways of taking the dunk to new levels year after year.



3 years ago, Dobbs sent out a challenge to all other dunkers via a landmark video called “The Best Dunker In the World Kenny Dobbs Puttin’ Down Some CRAZY Dunks!”  The video has over 4 million views and introduced a bunch of dunks that have never been done in any high school, college or NBA dunk contest.


Then in 2012, Dobbs executed a dunk at the Sprite Showdown contest during All-Star weekend that had J. Cole, Darryl Dawkins, Serge Ibaka, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant in disbelief.  The dunk was a blindfolded between the legs dunk over 3 people.  He even had NBA dunk champion Cedric Ceballos bring out the blindfold that he used for his contest-winning dunk.



For the past 2 years, Dobbs high flying exploits have appeared everywhere from TV commercials to global events in China, Romania, Italy, South Africa, France, and Canada with past and present NBA players.  The Nike Live Dunk Contest Champ was even drafted by a D-League team – The Texas Legends.

So what’s next for the dunking legend? Kenny Dobbs now wants to share with the world his knowledge and secrets to improving your bounce and athletic performance.

His new Elite Training Program DVD “Dunk Like Dobbs” will also help ballers enhance their speed and agility.  Before you write this off and think it’s just another PDF, stack of papers with jumping tick figures or collection of poorly made YouTube videos then check out this trailer for it.

Comparing this program to most other jump training programs and gimmicky shoes that are supposed to increase your vert would be like comparing the average dunker to “the World’s Best Dunker!”








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