Kenny Smith vs Jason Terry – The Real Jet

Jason “The Jet” Terry was a special guest on Inside the NBA with Kenny “The Jet” Smith last night so the crew could decide who “The Real Jet” is.  Eventhough Kenny came out victorious in a shootout with Terry, the video and graphic doesn’t do the man who broke my heart in the 1995 NBA finals justice, so I thought I would include 10 random things about Kenny that you might not know.



Kenny Smith is tied with Scottie Pippen for most 3 pointers in a finals game.

His came in GM1 of the 1995 Finals against the Orlando Magic.  He can thank Nick Anderson for missing 4 straight free throws for this record.  As a Magic fan who was robbed of seeing his team win a championship that year, I was glad to see Kenny play for the Magic near the end of his career and not do a damn thing…just like Steve Kerr!


Kenny Smith was a lottery pick of the Kings.

Speaking of Pippen, Kenny Smith was picked after Pip in the 1987 draft as the 6th pick by the Sacramento Kings.



Kenny Smith was an exciting player at UNC.

There’s a reason why Smith was picked with the 6th pick.  He averaged 17 and 6 as a senior.  Those aren’t mind blowing stats but keep in mind Michael Jordan only averaged 19.6 points a game in his final year at UNC. Smith averaged 9 & 5 during that season.


Kenny Smith was picked as one of the 35 greatest McDonald’s All-American ever


New York is known for producing the best point guards and Smith, out of Queens,  was one of the best high school guards ever.


Kenny Smith, as a player, had endorsement deals

In 1990, Smith appeared with Reggie Miller, Gerald Wilkins and Super Dave Osbourne in a Nike Flight commercial.


Kenny Smith was in the 3 point and Dunk Contest in the same year

Kenny Smith not only appeared in 3 slam dunk contests in the 90s but he was in the finals in 1990 against Dominique Wilkins. He also appeared in both the 3-pt shootout and dunk contest in 93 .


Kenny Smith has a hot ‘Price is Right’ model wife


Great job Kenny!  Now this is a basketball wife/mom/career woman on TV worth bragging about….unlike the “ladies” we see on that VH1 reality show.


BUT has a crush on Justin Timberlake who once hit a jumper over him

Just watch the video.


Kenny Smith was so wrong for this…

Smith broke my heart in 1995 when he made that 3 pointer against the Magic.  He also poured salt on older wounds when he made fun of my favorite college player ever (Chris Webber) and his timeout moment.


Kenny Smith once took a pic with Soulja Boy


This is for making fun of Webber’s timeout.




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