Kevin Durant Hits The Look-Away 3 Over KD 2.0

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Kevin Durant

Don’t let the final score fool you. It may say the Warriors won by 5 but the game was over in the first half when the Warriors had a 74-47 lead point lead at the half. Curry had 14 points in 18 minutes, Klay was on fire with 24 points in 19 minutes and Kevin Durant had 17 points in 22 minutes, along with 3 of 5 shooting from downtown. One of those 3s was the play of the game, when he did his best Steph impersonation with a look-away 3 over KD 2.0, Brandon Ingram. I just want to make it clear it’s a “look-away” and not a “no-look” because the NBA YouTube channel is getting roasted for calling this shot a “no-look”

  • ImmaterialDigression: He was clearly looking how is this a no-look 3 You are fucking blind whoever uploaded this video
  • Spurs_6: Under “More” you can report this video for being misleading. No look 3 my ass..

Also, the reason why he ran back on defense instead of standing there to watch the 3 go in or trying to crash the boards is because the shot was at the buzzer and he needed to get back on D just in case the shot missed…even though they were already up by 12 in the first quarter.

As for KD 2.0, Ingram had one of his better shooting nights of his young career with 12 points (his first preseason game in double figures) on 3 of 6 shooting in 26 minutes. The 3 assists and block was nice but I’m still worried about his free throw shooting; Ingram is 7 of 16 after 5 games and Saturday (4 of 6) was his first night over 50%. I know it’s “just preseason” but we have been members of the Ingram fan club since his high school days so we know he’s capable of putting up much bigger and better numbers.