Kevin Durant Calls Paul George His Favorite Player In The League

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I always love to hear players name their favorite players of past and present. Fans are often expecting players to name a Jordan or Kobe but it’s usually a player you would never guess.  A good example was earlier today when Kevin Durant was asked about his match-up with the Pacers’ Paul George tonight.

“He’s my favorite player in the league,” Durant said of George. “I’ve been saying that for awhile. Just so smooth, man. He can do it all: pass, rebound, defend, post up, shoot the ball. He’s my favorite player.”

According to Anthony Slater of Mercury News, the two All-Stars have played against each other just eight times in their careers. KD has a 5-3 edge over PG13 and is averaging 33 points on 50% shooting compared to George’s 20 points on 40%.

George has had his moments against his former Team USA partner, like last season when he dropped 45 against Durant and his former team.

“We want the same things on the basketball court,” Durant said. “He’s low-maintenance. He’s a superstar, but he’s a low-maintenance guy. Doesn’t need much. Same type of attitude that I bring. Loves the game. Loves to work. So we kind of clicked.”

Source: Mercury News