Kevin Durant Destroying Little Kids Shots At His Annual Austin Shot Block Party

Every year in the beautiful city of Austin, former Longhorn Kevin Durant makes his return to host his annual basketball camp. At those camps, KD gives little hoopers tips on becoming a better basketball player so they can achieve their hoop dreams and then shatters them by treating the 4-5 footers the way LeBron treated layups by Iguodala and Steph Curry in the finals.

Unlike like Iggy and Curry, these kids didn't go home empty-handed and will proudly brag to their friends how they ended up on Sportscenter and viral videos with one of the nicest NBA players you will ever see on and off the court.

Just an hour earlier before the camp, KD was showing just how nice he was on and off the court when he visited the UT campus, played the role of Santa in the Summer by giving out his latest kicks to random students and then showed a large group of media members (myself included) how much better of a shooter he is than us wanna-be hoopers.  You can see that footage here but if you prefer to watch him just destroy little kid's shots then scroll on down.