Kevin Durant dresses up as Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th

Players in this post:
Kevin Durant Kendrick Perkins

Despite 9 bad sequels, 1 reboot and 1 vs Freddy film, some of the young generation that grew up watching the headache inducing POV horror franchises (the Spanish REC franchise is an exception) have no idea who Jason Voorhees is.  That was evident by a few of the response to Kevin Durant’s instagram pic of him wearing the trademark hockey mask.

lilia1206 Lol…. ur a tall Freddy Kro

ball_so_hard23456789 Who that supposed to be #kd #boss#schwagg

Then you had some people looking for brownie points telling KD he had the “best costume ever” and a good majority of the other thousand comments were people arguing about the Jordan shoes.

Speaking of great costumes. How many of you are shocked that the wolf behind KD is Kendrick Perkins!



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