Kevin Durant fined $25k for “menacing gesture” / Hasheem Thabeet makes obscene gesture to a fan the next night

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Kevin Durant was fined $25k for his “menacing gesture” against the Warriors on Thursday.   I think most people would agree the gesture wasn’t that big of a deal and the 25k fine was uncalled for and silly but no more silly sounding than KD’s explanation for the gesture.

”Kill `em and pray for `em after the game, It’s nothing against the team I’m playing against,” Durant added. ”Come out with a mindset and be friends after the game.”

Durant apologized for the gesture the next night in Portland but then it was teammate Hasheem Thabeet’s turn to make a gesture that probably wont be appreciated by Stu Jackson and the league.  Let’s see if Thabeet gets a call for the following gesture and I don’t mean booty call.

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