Kevin Durant Gets A Tech For Shoving Lance Stephenson To The Ground

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Lance Stephenson Kevin Durant

Lance Stephenson has a rep for annoying opponent and being a master flopper – he once slapped himself in the face to sell a call – but this fall to the ground was 100% flop-free and all genuine KD….OK, maybe it was more like 60% flop-free.  The amusing play happened during the 4th quarter of the Warriors and Pelicans game, when a fed up Kevin Durant shoved Stephenson to the ground – and you said KD is S-O-F-capital T (Eddie Murphy voice).  The refs quickly rewarded KD with a T as Stephenson laid on the ground a lot longer than he should have.

If that shove wasn’t mean enough, KD ruined AD’s night with a clutch block and layup in the final minute to help give the Warriors’ their first win of the season. He also had 30 points, 17 rebounds (1 away from his career-high), 6 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks.

Take that imaginary critics!