Kevin Durant goes for career high 52 against Mavs – ONLY 52!

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Kevin Durant can thank OJ Mayo for hitting a 3 pointer to put last night’s game into OT.  That extra session allowed Durant to score 9 clutch points, including the game winner, and end up with a career high of 52 points (1 more than his previous high against Denver last year).

What I find so shocking is that the man who consistently averages 30 points a game and led the league in scoring the past 3 seasons (and will probably end up with the top spot this year) rarely ever hits the 50 mark or scored in the mid 50s.   Actually he rarely breaks the mid 40 mark as he’s only scored 45-49 points 6 times in his career.

Pointing out these numbers is compliment to his game not a put down in anyway.  For a player to average 3o points but rarely score 40 just means he rarely scores under 20 and that shows how incredibly consistent he is.  Maybe it’s the franchise, there’s only been 5 50+ point games but a Sonic/Thunder player and KD has 2 but unlike Ray Allen (54), Dale Ellis (53), Rashard Lewis (50) and the Payton and Kemps, my money says KD will eventually help bring the franchise a championship.

Make it rain KD…but not too much.

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