Kevin Durant Introduces Underwear Collection with Neff

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Kevin Durant

To be honest, everytime Neff comes up, the only image I’m capable of coming up with, for some odd reason, don’t ask why, is a raver with a beanie and white framed glasses without the lenses. Odd. I know. Anywho Neff and Kevin Durant has announced their partnership in curating an underwear collection. Not your typical underwear collection but this collab will pay tribute to those who live an active lifestyle. Whether you’re constantly working out everyday, going on hikes, playing tag, or even practicing light shows? I don’t know but regardless this collection should be a good one considering the fact that performance and comfortability are the key tributes to this partnership happening.  The Collection will be available tonight September 25th at the Foot Locker in Herald Square, NY, and set to hit Foot Lockers nation wide on October 22.

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Source: Slam