Kevin Durant’s Investigation with Dirk & Belinelli vs 90’s Nike Fun Police (KG, GP, Zo, Kidd)

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If you haven’t seen Kevin Durant at your local gym or court this summer then you probably have seen him on TV.  Earlier in the year “Nice Guy” Kevin Durant was wanted for dunking in a Footlocker ad but in the latest Footlocker commercial, KD is on the searching side as he leads a group of investigators, including Dirk and Marco Belinelli, and determines the readiness of unsuspecting future basketball players.

Watching these commercial reminded me of the awesome Nike Fun Police of the late 90s that included KG, Tim Hardaway, Gary Payton, Zo, Terry Porter, Damon Stoudamire and Jason Kidd. The Fun Police were sent to games to pick up the excitement and help out young basketball players and fans. I consider KD to be a modern day one-man Fun Police task force.

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