Kevin Durant is “THE BADDEST” | KD’s Baddest Commercials

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Kevin Durant

Last year, Foot Locker told us that “KD is not Nice” but…he is nice…on and off the court and nobody really cares who the “nicest” is.

We want to know who the baddest is. Bad enough that old school cats will compare you to Connie “The Hawk” Hawkins and David “Skywalker” Thompson of the 70s. Bad enough that tough as nails players from the 80s will talk about you.  Bad enough that you are a conversation at the barber shop, at the create diggin’ spots and even in church.  Bad enough that you can be in a commercial with Dick Gregory, girls talking about chewing gum, wild animals messing up the living room, cowboys and sea monsters and people will still like it.

Then again what’s not to like when the subject is Kevin Durant and the people behind the concept are the geniuses at W+K?


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