Kevin Durant Is The Most Clutch Player Today, Crosses Tobias Harris & Hits The Game-Winning 3

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On Wednesday night, Steph Curry scored a ridiculous 51 points (25 in the first quarter) and had the internet praising him as the best player in the league. On this same night, Kevin Durant dropped 37 points on the Magic, including the last 3 points of the game. The game-winner had the internet saying, "Steph may be the best but KD is the most clutch."


Curry is also the best 3-point shooter (ever) in the league, but when it comes down to making 1 3-point shot at the end of a game, Kevin Durant might be the best man for the job. According to ESPN, Durant has made 7 go-ahead 3-pointers at the end of regulation or an OT since entering the league in 2007; Ray Allen is 2nd with 4 and Kobe has 3.

Where's Steph you ask?

The chef has 2 game-winning 3-pointers, both coming in 2014. Ironically, Curry's last game-winning shot was also over Tobias Harris and the Orlando Magic.

In Curry's defense (no pun intended), he has had many clutch shots in the final 5 seconds, but most of them were 2 point shots, including his first career game-winner in 2013.  And Curry hasn't had many opportunities to make those shots, because for the past couple of years, the Warriors are rarely in the position where they need a game-winner. It's actually quite common to see Curry on the bench in the final seconds since he gets to sit out a lot of 4th quarters.

With all that said, if the clock is down to 5 seconds and your team needs a 3, I'm gong to have to go with Kevin Durant - the most clutch player in the NBA today.