Kevin Durant & JJ Watt Surprise Fans In Touching Ads by American Family Insurance

Players in this post:
Kevin Durant

American Family Insurance is committed to inspiring and helping people pursue their dreams. People like Krystal who wants to be on the US Roller Derby Team, Amanda who owns the Breakup Center in LA, Red who wants to be a musician, Rusty who wants to be run a marathon and single mother Tiana who works nights as a nurse and is hoping to graduate with a RN certification next year.

With the assistance of Kevin Durant and JJ Watt, the insurance company surprised these “dreamers” by having the two superstars show up and provide some support for them as they pursue their dreams.

“Playing professional basketball was always my dream, and having people support me played a critical role in helping me achieve it,” said Kevin Durant. “I was happy to be able to return the favor to my fans.”


The company also brought Kevin Durant to their headquarters on Monday to meet and speak with the employees and to Madison East High School to meet with today’s biggest dreamers.