Kevin Durant joining Jay-Z's Roc Nation Sports

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When Jay-Z announced Roc Nation Sports, my initial thought was not another Master P & No Limit Sports.  Throw in the fact that as successful (understatement) as Jay is, he's known for leaving artists around him in the dust or on on the shelf gathering dust.  But, Roc Nation does have an impressive lineup of celebs from Rihanna to Shakira and then the Roc starting signing a few athletes including New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano, New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith and the lovely Skylar Diggins but Master P had Ricky Williams, Sam Cassell, Ron Mercer and JR Rider (wait, that might be more bad than good).

Well, the comparisons between the two management companies are about to end if Liz Mullen of the Sports Business Journal is correct about The Roc signing  NBA Superstar Kevin Durant.  Durant is currently represented by Kobe's agent Rob Pelinka who also also represents Durant's former teammate James Harden, Carlos Boozer and Eric Gordon.  With more endorsements than 99% of the athletes in the league and even a leading role in a movie (that nobody saw), it's really interesting to see what Roc Nation can provide Durant that Pelinka couldn't.

Roc Nation hasn't confirmed that Durant is on the Roc roster, but if he is then the Roc looks like a dynasty but then again I've said that with Jay a few times before.


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