Kevin Durant Lands On LaMarcus Aldridge’s Foot, Says He Doesn’t Think It Was Intentional By LA

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Kevin Durant

LaMarcus Aldrige pissed off a lot of people on Tuesday.

Golden State Warriors fans were mad at him because in the second quarter he tried to show Kevin Durant his best Zaza Pachulia impersonation. They were also mad the internet didn’t explode like it did when Zaza took out Kawhi. There’s two big reasons why the internet didn’t give a $#it: #1 is KD didn’t get hurt and #2 is nobody was watching because the Warriors had a 30-point lead in the first half.

University of Texas Longhorns were mad at him for the same reason but they couldn’t care less about Zaza. The just love KD more than Aldridge and don’t want to see their second favorite (TJ Ford is probably their favorite) former player getting hurt.

San Antonio Spurs fans were also mad at him and it wasn’t because of his defense. It was because he only scored eight points in 27 minutes. That’s five less points than Davis Bertans in 17 minutes and one less point than Dewayne Dedmon in 20 minutes. Joel Anthony was just a bucket away from scoring eight and he played just 12 minutes, which is four times the amount of minutes he’s played during this year’s playoffs.

One person who wasn’t mad was Kevin Durant. After the game, he defended LA by calling him a “stand-up guy” who “plays the game the right way.”

I know what KD means and agree, but LA sure the hell wasn’t playing the game in a good way.