Kevin Durant wins “fun” “Rucker Park” duel with LeBron James | Streak continues

“It was Rucker Park, that is what was going through my head,” Durant said with a smile after picking up a win against LeBron and the Heat last night. “It was fun, I’m sure the fans got what they wanted to see with that one.”

Well, Heat fans would have liked to have seen Miami get the W and unbiased fans would have liked to have seen a closer game in the 4th and the fans that witnessed KD catch fire and score 66 points at Rucker Park a few years ago would love to have seen Durant go for another 40, but, yeah, everybody got their money’s worth especially in the 3rd quarter when Durant and James went at it.

The two superstars both scored 12 points in the quarter that contained a 3 minute span of back-t0-back-to-back shots over each other.

“It’s fun competition. It’s been a while since I was able to do something like that.” said LeBron, who scored 34 points, about the duel.

“It would have been fun to clear the court and watch them go 1-on-1,” Thunder coach Scott Brooks said.

That would have been fun, but luckily for Scott Brooks, his other players (seriously, Fisher) were there to help Durant and turn a 18 point deficit into a 25 point lead and eventually a 17 point win.

“There’s no running away from it,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “Other than the first eight minutes of the game they outclassed us tonight. They absolutely deserved this win.”


Durant’s 33 extends his 30+ point streak to 12 games. Mcgrady’s streak of 14 back in 2003 is next.


Lebron: 34 points 3 rebounds 3 assists 0 steals 0 blocks (12-20 fg, 1-5 3pt)
Durant:  33 points 7 rebounds 5 assists 2 steals 0 blocks (12-23 fg, 4-9 3pt)

If you don’t remember when KD caught fire in Harlem back in 2011 then I suggest you spend the next 3 minutes watching this 2 minute video.  You will know why I said 3 minutes after you watch the video.



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