Durant misses a wide open dunk against Pelicans + his best missed dunk ever

So how do you get Kevin Durant to miss a shot when he’s going to the basket with a wide open lane?  Besides fouling, you can push a teammate into him and hope his fall makes Durant miss or you can just hope it’s one of those 1 in a thousand moments where he misses a wide open dunk.

KD actually couldn’t hit anything in the first half when he missed 8 of his first 12 shot attempts.  He did turn it on the 3rd with 13 points in the quarter and finished the game with 25 in a 3 point loss to the Pelicans.  No biggie, it’s preseason, but speaking of Biggie and missed dunks – this is a good opportunity to flashback to Brooklyn 2012 for what could have been one of the best dunks of the decade.

Since we are showing missed dunks and Nets, let’s flashback another year and review what could have been a RIP worthy dunk over the Prince courtesy of the Net’s Vinsanity.



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