From Durantula to the Slim Reaper | KD’s history of nick names

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Kevin Durant


Kevin Durant is arguably the best player in the world and it’s real shame that in 7 seasons, all of the fans, sports writers and genius people at Nike & Wieden + Kennedy can’t come up with a nickname for KD that he and his fans are happy with.

The latest is “The Slim Reaper.”  The internet world seems to like it as well as that creepy image by PixelFucks (speaking of cool names) but KD isn’t so fond of it.

I’m with KD on this one and think the name sounds like a better fit for a wrestler than a smooth sniper on the court like Durant.

Speaking of snipers, “Sniper Jones” is his rap alias so he obviously approves of the name but for some reason his fans never really took to it or his music which isn’t that bad. There’s also his other rap alias “Velvet Hoop” from the 2009 Nike commercial where he raps alongside Andre Iguodala, Rashard Lewis and Mo Williams but Nike will probably sue other people for using it.

Speaking of lawsuits, There was“Durantula” that he didn’t like either even before getting sued by unknown guitarist Mark Durante over the name.

I’ve heard “The Second Coming,” “K-Smoove,” and “K-Dog” but none of those names are worthy of his game.  Some also suggested “Thunderstruck” but considering the 2012 film flopped and barely grossed half a million dollars, I think that’s an easy mark off the list.

Even the legendary streetball emcee Hannibal Buress couldn’t come up with something better than “Kevin.”



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