Kevin Durant doesn’t like his streetball nickname “Kevin” | KD’s unlucky history of alias names

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A lot of good players have a nickname.  Most great players have a nickname.  All marketable players that have multiple commercials and endorsements and in the argument of best player in the game has to have a nickname.

So here’s the case of Kevin Durant who is usually called Kevin Durant or just KD for short.  He’s had a few nicknames in the past but none have really stuck.  There was “Durantula” and he ended up getting sued by unknown guitarist Mark Durante over that name even though Durant doesn’t like or use it.  There’s his rap alias “Sniper Jones” but most of his fans don’t even know who that is.  There’s also his other rap alias “Velvet Rope” from the 2009 Nike commercial where he raps alongside Andre Iguodala, Rashard Lewis and Mo Williams. I’ve heard “The Second Coming,” “K-Smoove,” and “K-Dog” but none of those names are worthy of his game.  Considering his 2012 film “Thunderstruck,” where Durant played himself, flopped and barely grossed half a million dollars, I don’t think he will want to use “Thunderstruck.”

So in the latest #SummerIsSerious video, Kevin shows up to the park and is introduced by streetball emcee Hannibal Buress simply as “Kevin.”  Durant is disappointed that he’s not introduced with a cool nick name straight out of an old And1 Mixtape or the current Ballup tour like The Professor, The Bone Collector or Air Up There.

Lucky for Kevin his Summer game is the total opposite of his plain nickname.  Last week he put up 63 in the Jamal Crawford Pro Am and 2 summers ago he put up 66 points at Rucker Park.

Ballislife | Kevin Durant Nickname Durantula

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