Kevin Durant on being a “Total A$$hole & D!ck” to opponents | GQ Magazine

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Kevin Durant

“When I’m on the court, I’m a total asshole. I’m a dick. I don’t talk to the other team. If I fall on somebody, I throw them to the ground, I’m not helping them up. I just feel like it’s a war mode. Like, they’re trying to kill me, but I gotta kill them before they kill me.” – Kevin Durant

If you click on this link right here, you will get to read a great piece on Kevin Durant by Zach Baron for GQ Magazine. It’s NOT about KD being a dick or an asshole to others, it’s about him accepting his feelings and all of the heartbreak he’s had in his life because of others….still interested? I knew many people would not be and not have made it to this article and/or that link without me pulling the most controversial statement from the GQ article so that’s why I did it and supplied a supplemental video for those who weren’t going to look at anything more than a tweet, headline and embedded video in the top third of a webpage.

So now, do yourself a favor and please read the GQ article and if you really want to make me and GQ happy, support the print magazine and not just the website. Tangible print mediums are eventually (unfortunately) going to go away and when it does I’m afraid people are not going to remember what really made them special. I also feel that way about KD. Yeah his game is nice – which is a huge understatement but so is the statement that KD is a good person.