Kevin Durant Posterizes Kosta Koufos, Clutch in 4th vs Kings

The 10 turnovers by Kevin Durant on Sunday was a nasty sight but not as nasty as his dunk on Kosta Koufos in the first quarter.

The 20 points by Kevin Durant don’t sound that impressive either but he made 7 of 13 shots including 2 big shots in the final minute and a pair of free throws to ice the game.

“That’s what your best player does,” Westbrook said of KD’s clutch shot. “He’s not going to play perfect every night, but you can see he closed the game for us and did a good job defensively.”

“I’ve been trusted my whole career, taking those shots,” he said. “I’ve failed plenty and plenty of times. I’ve made shots as well. I just try to stay focused and stay disciplined in what I do, and they went down for me.”