Kevin Durant Prematurely Celebrated A Missed 3-Pointer Vs China

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Keven Durant must have thought he was already playing with the Warriors!

With 6 minutes left in the Team USA’s 107-57 win over China on Tuesday night, Kevin Durant tried to give the local Warrior’s fans at Oracle a preview of how it’s going to look when he passes to Steph Curry or Klay Thompson for 3, then runs back on defense with his hands in the air as the shot swishes through the net. What ended up happening was KD prematurely celebrating a missed a 3-pointer by Kyle Lowry.

Most of you are going compare KD’s Shaqtin’ a Fool moment to Swaggy P’s premature celebration in 2014 but I rather bring up this celebration FAIL by Klay Thompson from last season.

As for Klay, he scored 15 points in the exhibition but was just 4 of 12 from downtown.  KD was 2 of 5 from downtown and finished with 13 points in 19 minutes. The 3rd Warrior, Draymond Green, had 4 points and 7 boards and was 0 for 1 from 3.