Kevin Durant Gives “Some Lucky Fan (named Quavo)” His Jersey

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Kevin Durant Steph Curry Zaza Pachulia

After scoring 28 against the Hawks and avoiding injury by “clumsy” teammate Zaza Pachulia (Steph Curry wasn’t so lucky), Kevin Durant shed off (It’s just a joke!) his jersey and gave it to Migos member Quavo.

The 2018 Celebrity All-Star Game MVP can display that jersey next to the autographed Steph Curry sneakers he acquired from Steph earlier in the season.

Speaking of injury scares and that Celebrity game, here’s Quavo swatting a shot by Rachel DeMita, which led to a hard fall by the NBA2K host and her tweeting, “Yo Quavo – I’m going to have a crazy bruise on my hip from that block…but congrats on MVP.”

His great response: “Massage on me?!”

And since I love playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, I’ll connect Rachel back to Kevin Durant by showing the very first episode of NBA2KTV with Rachel and KD.

And if you are wondering why her shirt in some segments is blurred in the episode, it’s because it’s a Ballislife one!

And since I love talking trash and trash talkers and have been a fan of actor/director/podcaster Michael Rapaport ever since he said, “Where the fuck did he come from? Don’t just sit there, shoot him!” in True Romance, I’m excited about Kevin Durant’s new Shame Game YouTube series with the Gringo Mandingo.