Kevin Durant Raves About Brandon Ingram, Matches Up Against Him In Team USA Scrimmage

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Earlier this week, Kevin Durant generated some buzz when he talked about the Lakers #2 pick Brandon Ingram and said, “He reminds me of myself, but he’s a little farther along than I was at that stage.

“I’m a huge fan. First person I can say I can look in the mirror, look at him and feel like I’m looking in the mirror.”

Appearance wise, the 6’9″ 195 pound frame on Ingram, who reportedly is consuming 5,000 calories a day, does resemble a younger KD but the 18 year old’s game right now is as close to KD’s as his body is to Shaq.

“I don’t know what Kevin’s thinking about, but if he said it, he’s got to live with it.” US Select Team coach Gregg Popovich said when asked about the comparison.

“Pretty tough to compare someone to Kevin Durant. Almost unfair.He’s something else. We’ll see what time does for both of them.”

Maybe unfair, but we have been saying Ingram has that “KD type game” since his high school days and wont be surprised to see the rookie with a 7’4 wingspan blossom into a future All-Star.