Kevin Durant says “f**k em” to critics who disagreed with his decision to not play with Team USA

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Kevin Durant


Kevin Durant told ESPN that he intends to be on Team USA in 2016 but isn’t apologetic (and shouldn’t be) about skipping out on playing with the USA team this past summer.  In a great interview with Sam Amick of USA Today, the 2010 FIBA World Championship MVP talked about his decision to rest after a few long seasons.

“It was a very hard choice, because I wanted to play,” he said. “If it was just games (with Team USA), like straight games, it would have been perfect. But the travel and the practice and the shoot-a-rounds, it was something where I (said), ‘All right, I’ve got to really scale back a little bit and get ready for our season…’

And to those who don’t agree or understand?

“Seriously, to be honest, I was like ‘(expletive) ‘em.’ You can write that, too. Seriously, though. I’m just going to be me, man, and that’s how I felt.”

As annoying as the critics and public can be, sometimes you just can’t curse them all out.

“I go home, and everybody asks me [about the future],” he said. “Man, it’s crazy. Like little kids, 4 years old. ‘You coming to the Wizards?’ Man, (expletive), how do you know about this? At 4 years old, I didn’t even know what basketball players were. How do you know about free agency?”

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