Kevin Durant says he wont do another movie & Kazaam is better than Thunderstruck

Don't expect Kevin Durant to be in Space Jam 2 or any Hollywood film in the near future.  TMZ caught up with the great Thunder player to ask about the not-so-great 'Thunderstruck' movie and if he would ever act again.


I think that "No" from Durant was as convincing as any "No" I heard in high school. And considering he thought Shaq's 'Kazaam" was better than his film debut, I would say it's a safe bet you are only going to be seeing KD acting in Nike commercials...and Sonic commercials...and Footlocker commercials...and you get the point.



I love KD, but I've been pretty harsh over the years on 'Thunderstruck.' It was one of the biggest flops by a major studio in recent memory. The film grossed $587,000 in the theaters and was released on DVD a month later. Thunderstruck grossed less money in the theaters than Space Jam did during matinee showings on opening day.  Michael Jordan’s Space Jam -- which also benefited from having the loony tunes, the loony Bill Murray and being released after his first retirement -- eventually grossed over $230 million (90 domestically), which makes it the highest-grossing film with a NBA player in a major role.

Here’s a list of films with NBA players in supporting or lead roles and how well they did (in millions) at the box office. Also be sure to consider inflation and the rise of ticket prices and the amount of screenings when comparing the films; Back in the mid 90s, most theaters didn’t carry more than 10 films and tickets were between $2.50-7.50.

  • Space Jam (1996) w/ Michael Jordan: $230
  • Grown Ups 2 (2013) w/ Shaq: $133
  • Scary Movie 4 (2006) w/ Shaq: $90
  • Airplane (1980) w/ Kareem: $83
  • Like Mike (2002) w/ lots of players: $62
  • Eddie (1996) w/ lots of players: $31
  • Blue Chips (1994) w/ Shaq & Penny Hardaway: $23
  • He Got Game (1998) w/ Ray Allen: $21
  • Just Wright (2010) w/ lots of players: $21
  • Kazaam (1996) w/ Shaq: $19
  • Double Team (1997) w/ Dennis Rodman: $11
  • The Perfect Score (2004) w/ Darius Miles: $10
  • Black and White (2000) w/ Allan Houston: $5.2
  • Steel (1997) w/ Shaq 1.7
  • Thunderstruck (2012) w/ Kevin Durant: $587k
  • Minis (2007) w/ Dennis Rodman – Straight to DVD

KD shouldn't feel as bad about 'Thunderstruck' as Shaq should about 'Steel'....or 'Kazaam,' or 'Good Burger' or most of his commercials...or his time with the Celtics. My favorite online critic (and top 10 YouTube channel that you should subscribe to if you love films), Chris Stuckman, recently did a 24-minute breakdown/trashing of arguably the worst superhero movie ever. So, if you have seen 'Steel,' then you must watch this video.



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