Kevin Durant Slaps Ball Into Air, Ends Up Hitting An “Old Man With A Veterans Hat” In The Face

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Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant added another victim to his hit list on Saturday night. I’m not talking about the Boston Celtics but a fan who was “lucky” enough to get smacked in the face by a ball that was smacked into the air by KD during the pregame shoot around.

In the video above, ESPN’s Marc J. Spears tells the amusing story about the “old man with a veterans hat” getting cut by the ball. KD ran to the fan to make sure he was alright and apologized for the accident. The best part about this story is KD gave the fan — a winery owner — a pair of signed shoes, which the fan plans on giving to his son-in-law, who is a Cleveland Cavs fan.

KD also put up 20 points and 9 rebounds as the Warriors gave the Celtics their fifth loss in six games.

If you enjoy watching fans getting hit in the face by balls from KD, here’s a couple of amusing instances, including one that ends with him giving a woman a kiss.