Kevin Durant Ties Michael Jordan With 40 Straight 25-Point Games…is it really that impressive?

Last night during the Thunder’s loss to the Rockets, MVP candidate Kevin Durant tied Michael Jordan’s streak of 40 straight 25 point games.  It’s impressive and fun to talk about but it’s a streak that Michael Jordan wasn’t even aware of and a streak that Durant doesn’t even care about.

“We lost the game that’s all I’m worried about,” he said. “I don’t care. We lost.”

It’s a streak that all the great scorers in league history from Nique to the Mailman to Shaq to Kobe, McGrady, Iverson, etc, etc wouldn’t care to discuss because they have no clue how many times they scored 25+ points and why it wasn’t longer.  Maybe they were sick or got injured during a game. Maybe it was a blow-out and didn’t need to stay in long enough.  Maybe they were ejected.  Maybe they didn’t think it was important enough to try to do.  Can you imagine an all-star with 23 points asking the coach to play in the 4th quarter of a blowout so he could score 25?

I know a lot of people are accusing me of “hating” and I’ll tell them to ask any NBA hall-of-famer or former All-Star who does not work for the NBA or a sport channel if they find this record important to the league or Kevin Durant’s career and 10 out 10 will say no.

They will, like me, go on all day about how great Kevin Durant is and where he will rank among the greatest when his career is over and I’m sure they will also agree that when Durant is giving his hall-of-fame speech he wont be mentioning this streak just like how Jordan, Oscar Robertson and Wilt Chamberlain never talked about their 25+ scoring streaks.

FYI, in 1986, before an 11 point game before the streak started for Michael Jordan, he had 9 straight 40+ games and 40+ in 11 out of 12 games. During this season Jordan also had 8 50+ games including a streak of 53, 50, 61 and the game before those he had 39 & 10 assists. These are scoring streaks that make people say wow and most Jordan fans probably aren’t even aware of them because when you talk about them and all of the major accomplishments in Jordan’s career – those streaks aren’t that important.




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