Kevin Durant’s Chase Down Block On Booker Leads To A Deeeep 3 By Curry

Even the biggest Warriors haters and former fans of Steph Curry and Kevin Durant have to admit this was a pretty awesome play.

The block was one of two by KD and the deeeeep 3 was one of five for Steph Curry, who had 3o of the Big Three’s 89 points against the Suns. Durant finished with 29 points, Klay “found my shooting touch” Thompson had a season-high 30 and Draymond Green flirted with a triple-double (14/11/7). Basically, every GSW starter not named Zaza was a great fantasy play on Sunday.

As for the Suns, they put up 120 in the loss and got 20 from TJ Warren, Eric Bledsoe and almost Devin Booker (19) – thanks KD, I had Booker in my Fan Duel and Draft Kings lineup!