Kevin Garnett Clotheslines Ryan Anderson, Refs Call A Foul On Anderson Even After A Replay!

In the final minute of the first half between the Wolves and Pelicans, Ryan Anderson was attempting a hip-check on Kevin Garnett and was rewarded with a clothesline move. That’s not even the worst part about the play. The refs saw the collision and called a foul on Anderson! That’s still not the worst part.  The refs then went to the replay and after a minute or so of discussion, decided they made the right call and KG deserved a trip to the free throw line.

But like the great Rasheed Wallace used to say, “Ball Don’t Lie!” KG missed the first free throw and then connected on the 2nd.

“Obviously he was doing little tactics to get me frustrated,” Said Ryan Anderson about KG after the Pelicans’ win. “He’s just really good at getting away with stuff like that. I’m not saying he’s like, a ridiculously dirty player. He just has that physical type of game.”

Yes, ridiculously good at stuff like that.  Where’s Anthony Peeler when you need him.