Kevin Garnett Praises Brandon Roy For Being a 1 Legged Warrior

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Kevin Garnett

KG is a Shakespeare with words.  Shaq might come up with the wittiest quotes and Ron Artest comes up with the most ridiculous but KG comes up with the best ear candy for reporters without any effort.  His latest is his tribute to the recently retired Brandon Roy.

“I haven’t really had a chance to address none of this,” Garnett said. “But to Brandon Roy, thank you for your dedication to the league. I thought what he gave to the league, what he gave to the city of Portland and to the world, the world of basketball, was tremendous. To do that on one leg, to fight through and still be a force, is unbelievable.”

If you missed KG giving his recipe for team chemistry here it is.

Back to Brandon Roy, have you ever heard one negative thing said about Roy from fans or other players?

Back to KG, we need to do a KG Taunting tribute one day but here’s one of my recent favorites ones.


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