Kevin Garnett Thinks Thon Maker Will Be MVP One Day

“If you hesitate, I’m gonna punch you, so shoot the ball whenever you get it.”

That’s what Giannis Antetokounmpo told Thon Maker during the Bucks OT win over the Pistons on Friday night. The 7’1 rookie responded with five of his career-high 23 points in the extra session, including a big three to put the Bucks up by three in the three-point win.

The former Ballislife All-American MVP finished the night four of seven from downtown and as surprising as that may sound, I’m expecting to see a lot more stat lines with multiple threes in the future. At our All-American game 3-point contest, he turned a few heads by knocking down eight straights threes and finished second to UK’s Isaiah Briscoe.

Hopefully this breakout performance will lead to some additional minutes and allow more basketball fans to see why we were so high on him going into his rookie season; why we had a post called “Thon Maker is a point guard stuck in a center’s body;” why Kevin Garnett has been gushing about the player he’s been mentoring and why he told Jason Kidd he thought Maker had the potential to be “special.” In between the praise to Kidd and Maker’s career-high performance, KG told former NBA player Vin Baker he thought Maker could even be MVP one day!

With that type of support from an NBA legend and game-changer, Thon Maker just might become one too.