Kevin Garnett Will Throw Your Cell Phone in the Toilet If You Are On It During Game Night

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife and hide yo cell phones (best Antoine Dodson voice) because Kevin Garnett is coming!

Supposedly the return of KG already has some of the young Wolves “scared.”


“This is (KG’s) locker and I’m actually kind of scared because I think he is going to say something about me being in his locker,” young Zach LaVine said.

LaVine offered the locker back to Garnett, who declined and instead will dress one seat over.

“I did more than offer; I wanted him to take it,” LaVine said. “I wanted him to sit there. I said, ‘I’ll move!’ But it’s going to be great for me; I know that. Future hall of famer, man, everyone wants to get to his level. He was playing in this league before I was born!”

Coach Flip Saunders had the funniest story about the Minnesota legend/borderline psycho,

“As one of our veteran guys told our young guys yesterday, ‘Hey, listen, when KG walks in the locker room your phones better be tucked away, because if they’re not, they’re going to get thrown in the toilet on game night.’ “

“He changed their culture,” Saunders said of Garnett’s time with the Boston Celtics. “Doc (Rivers) told me that. They had veteran players and everything else, but when he went in the locker room, the music was cut off and everything.”

It will be real interesting and I believe beneficial for the guys to have the NBA champion in the lockerroom…as long as they don’t piss him off like Ray Allen did in this video (yes it’s fake but it’s funny).

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