Kevin Hart & Blake Griffin On Trades, Favorite Comedians & What Is Blake Griffin?

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This might be my new favorite YouTube series.

In the first episode of Cold As Balls, LaVar Ball joined Kevin Hart in an ice bath to discuss everything from his favorite son to why there’s no footage of him being the supreme athlete he says he was. In the second episode, Hart is joined by supreme athlete Blake Griffin to talk about everything from his parents having sex to NBA trades to favorite comedians to Hasheem Thabeet’s “bum ass.”

If you enjoyed this, I highly recommend this hilarious interview from Blake Griffin’s rookie year. In it, Griffin jokingly tells Peter Mehlman, “Why did I have to be half white. Why couldn’t I just be guaranteed to be in the NBA.”

And of course I can’t pass up an opportunity to show Blake’s hilarious scene from the Comedy Central show Broad City. And if you ever get an opportunity to see Blake perform his comedy stand-up act live, I also highly recommend it.