Kevin Hart remakes Skee-Lo's "I wish I was a little bit taller" w/ Melo, CP3, Kobe & Iggy

To promote his upcoming film "Ride Along," the future brother of LeBron James in James' debut film "Ballers," Kevin Hart, remakes Skee-Lo's 1995 classic "I wish" with co-star Ice Cube along with Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Iggy and Kobe.

The casting of the video is interesting. Along with Hart and the West Coast Don, there's three Western Conference players and then Melo who is constantly being rumored to be heading West after this season. I think Iguodala is only in the video because Hart needed a player's name to rhyme with "taller" and "baller."

As for the original classic, soon after its release, I remember the Grammy nominated song being used in countless sports mixes on Inside Stuff, NBA Today, NBA2Night, Sportscenter and every other show that had a weekly basketball montage. If you happen to be wondering if Skee-lo is as dead or not, here's a 2013 music video by my favorite one-hit wonder called "Vibe Is Right."

Now back to the classic.

Here's an interesting cover of the song done by Far East Movement for the film "Ping Pong Playa"

I'll leave you with this...interesting version with a bunch of Michael Jordan dolls.






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