Kevin Hart Reacts To DeAndre Jordan Airballing Back-To-Back Free Throws!

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Nelison Anderson DeAndre Jordan

One airball from the free-throw line is funny. DeAndre Jordan even laughed along with Kevin Hart, Hart’s friends and the entire arena after his free-throw attempt barely grazed the bottom of the net. But back-to-back airballs is just flat out embarrassing. You could see it in Jordan’s face and body language as he walked back to the bench to the sound of laughter that reached levels you only expect to hear at a Kevin Hart stand-up.

As embarrassing as it was for Jordan to shoot the airballs and finish 4 for 12 from the line in a loss to an Embiid-less 76ers, it’s nowhere near as bad as how Nick Anderson felt when he missed four straight free-throws near the end of GM1 of the 1995 NBA Finals. Go to the 8:32 mark of the following video to watch a man go from mad to crazy/relieved to laughing to pissed at God in a moment that not only changed the outcome of the Finals but his ability to shoot free throws for the rest of his career.