Kevin Love: Broken hand, handshakes, pushups & backboards

If the news of big man rebounding 3 point threat Kevin Love being out 6+ weeks wasn’t bad enough, we get the news that big man 3 point shooting OG Dirk is out 6 weeks now after having surgery.  The only thing I can think of is how scared Ryan Anderson is right now and how he’s probably treating today like he’s next on the list in one of those Final Destination movies.

Back to Kevin Love, you gotta love a guy that keeps surviving embarrassing moments and comes back stronger and better than before.  When he and Wes Johnson struggled to get a hand shake down I thought it was the end for Love and his chances at getting a date without saying he’s rich – you just can’t say you are in the NBA now because a women might ask  if they saw you on ESPN 30 for 30 Broke.

(even if you have seen the handshake you have to watch this specific video because it’s a classic)

But Love worked hard in the gym with his teammates to perfect the post free throw hand shake and is now comfortable approaching any of those teammates at the line during a game where not as many people are in the crowd as management would want.

When I heard about Love’s latest injury, a broken hand, I immediately thought how it might effect his handshaking ability and confidence.  Then I heard he suffered the injury doing “knuckle pushups” and I immediately thought how is somebody so uncoordinated so unbelievably good in the NBA.

I owe Kevin Love a lot for helping me win and almost win 2 years in a row in my Fantasy league so I’m wishing him luck and sending him a subscription to Men’s Health Magazine so he can perfect the pushup, know how to trim a beard and please a women the way he pleases men that play fantasy basketball.

The only time we want to see “break” and “Kevin Love” in the same sentence is if he’s breaking another backboard

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