Kevin Love loves the XXL Steak Nachos in new Taco Bell ad

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Kevin Love

Taco Bell continues their Hoop themed advertising with this new commercial featuring Kevin Love.  The concept is the XXL Steak Nachos is a big ass meal, full of processed cheese and meat that may or may not be meat, that’s just a regular non intimidating meal for him but since you are not him it’s a XXL meal for you.

A couple of months ago, Taco Bell released another amusing commercial with a similar message called “Hurricane Doug” starring our dunking friends from West Coast Dreamers.

Then of course, Bell had the great 90’s commercials with Hakeem and Shaq but I’m still upset Hakeem ruined the campaign by backing out of the pay-per-view one-on-one event at the last minute,  My reaction to hearing that news was similar to the guy in the new Taco Bell ad when Love sat in front of him at the movie theater.



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