Kevin Love making history with 33 points 13 rebound 9 assists vs the Suns

Kevin Love has been a top fantasy player over the past few seasons but he’s been just amazing this month.  He’s averaging 34 points and 14 rebounds in February and if he can keep that average for 1 more game then he will be the first player since Moses Malone in 1982 to average 34/14 for a month.  His streak of 30 & 10 is now at 6 and ranks only behind Shaq (11) and the Mailman (8) in the past 30 seasons.

Love also had his first career triple double last Saturday against the Jazz with a beast stat line of 37 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists and last night vs the Suns, Love had 33 points, 13 rebound and 9 assists.  He found out late in the 4th that he was a rebound shy of another triple double but thankfully he didn’t pull a Ricky Davis, Bobby Sura or Anthony Bowie in the final seconds to try to get it.

“I think when we were up 10 they told me that if I can get an outlet here, you get your triple-double,” Love said, “but at the point I just wanted to secure the rebound and get to the free throw line, get the lead up a little bit more so we wouldn’t have to worry about much. Nine assists again, I have been there a few times.”

For the roto owners, Love also had 2 blocks last night (only has 4 for the month) and knocked down 3 more triples (29 total for February).


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