Kevin Love Wasn’t Trying To Get A High-Five From LeBron (But He Did Suck) In GM5

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Kevin Love

The Cavs big 3 went off for 84 points, 22 rebounds and 14 assists in game 5; LeBron and Kyrie Irving had 82 of those 84 points, 19 of those 22 rebounds and 13 of those 14 assists, which means Kevin Love had just 2 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist!

The worst part of Love’s stat line is the minutes: 33. This means he played just 7 minutes less than Irving, 10 less than LeBron and ended up putting up almost the exact same stat line Festus Ezeli had in just 10 minutes. And if all of this wasn’t bad enough, a video of Love “trying to give LeBron a high-five and getting denied” went viral. What makes this viral video so bad is, Love wasn’t really trying to get a high-five. He was just having a discussion about a layup made by Iggy.

If you want to enjoy a real high-five/hand-shake FAIL video from a productive Kevin Love, then watch this one.

Source: The Big Lead