Kevin "Wants To Bite Rihanna's Butt" Durant Refuses To Admit He Stared Her Down After Shots In GM1

The two best things about GM1 of the 2017 Finals were Kevin Durant and Rihanna. You might disagree and say LeBron's 28/15/8 was worthy of being in the top two but I'm going with one of his most popular fans instead.

Rihanna first made her presence felt when she distracted long-time admirer (click here for their history) Jeff Van Gundy from noticing LeBron James' poster dunk on JaVale McGee.

Late in the third quarter she generated some online buzz when she reportedly yelled "brick" while KD was shooting a free throw. After the make, he stared (twice) in the direction of the woman he once had this to say about.

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Early in the fourth, with the Cavs down by 22, Rihanna once again caught the attention of TV viewers when she bowed to LeBron before hitting a dab for some fans.

Then about six minutes later, Durant knocked down a three, turned in her direction and gave a death stare we all assume was just for her.

After the 22-point victory, Durant refused to comment about the exchange as Steph Curry shook his head and told him, "Don't fall into that trap, man."

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As for Rihanna, this is what she had to say after the game...

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So in honor of Rihanna, Durant's exceptional performance and his awesome 2009 tweet about biting Rihanna, here's a video just for him (enjoy!).