Kevin Ware Dunking 6 Months After Injury | Ware Timeline

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Less than 6 months after the horrific sight of Lousiville’s Kevin Ware breaking his leg on national television, we are treated to the inspirational sight of Ware dunking!  The 16 seconds above looks like a casual shoot around in the gym and the nonchalant statement “Kevin Ware dunking. My boy back dunking” doesn’t seem like that big of a deal but when you revisit the timeline below and think about the recovery time of so many injuries with so many other athletes it’s truly amazing that he is back dunking.  I hate to say it but even Kevin Ware came back before….I wont’ say it.


Ballislife | Kevin Ware Injury

Ballislife | Peyton Siva and Louisville Team after Kevin Ware injury

Ballislife | Kevin Ware Injury 2

Ballislife | Final Four Louisville after Ware Injury

Ballislife | Kevin Ware Leg

April 1, 2013: Kevin Ware with the Midwest Regional Championship Trophy after undergoing a 2 hour surgery to repair his broken leg

Ballislife | Kevin Ware Hospital

April 5, 2013: Kevin Ware appears on ESPN, Good Morning America and reads the David Letterman Top 10 List on the Late Show.

April 9, 2013: Louisville beats Michigan in an Epic NCAA game


 Ballislife | Kevin Ware Cutting Nets Down

Ballislife | Kevin Ware NCAA Championship

September 16, 2013: Kevin Ware shows the world that he’s back…and dunking!

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