KG Supposedly told Melo his wife Lala taste like “Honey Nut Cheerios”

You have seen the pics and the video of Melo waiting outside the arena by the Celtics bus so he could bust KG’s ass but the mystery was what could KG say that would make Melo flip out the way he did.

Melo said they squashed their beef today and that “there’s things as men that you don’t just say.” ¬†According to BlackSportsOnline, KG told Melo that his wife, LaLa, “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios.”

You might be thinking that’s just a silly innocent comment about a tasty cereal but if you are the type that enjoys all types of video sites then you might know the other meaning(s) of Honey Nut Cheerio¬†(warning: adult language).




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