Khalid El-Amin doesn’t break ankles he drops players – 3 go down in Roundball Classic

Players in this post:
Earvin Johnson

When you talk about the best ball handlers in history, Khalid El-Amin has to be mentioned.  If you just follow NBA ball then you might only know him as a 2nd round pick of the Bulls that only lasted a year in the league.  If you followed HS and College ball back then you know about his NCAA championship with the Huskies and his legendary high school performances that helped his team win 3 state championships.

When he was invited to play in the Magic Johnson Roundball Classic he didn’t disappoint the people wanting to see some broken ankles.  He didn’t just break ankles he dropped bodies to the floor – sometimes multiple players on a single play.

Sounds like Ripley’s talk but we have video so watch and believe.


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