8 year old kid brings 80 pairs of sneakers for Tornado victims to Kevin Durant’s camp

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You aren’t going to see us praising too many 8 year old kids on Ballislife because kids at that age are just too young to make any type of assessment on their potential or future on the court.  Now, what a child does off-the-court at that age can and will determine their character and what type of a person they can be in society.  With that said, 8 year old baller Jay Fair of Rowlett, Texas deserves all of the praise we can give him for what he did last week at the Kevin Durant camp in his shoes and the 80 pairs of others shoes he brought to donate to victims of tornadoes.

From The Oklahoman

The whole thing started about a month ago when Jay’s mom, Christina Fair, was in the car with him and his 5-year-old sister, Cameryn. Both of the kids’ birthdays are in August, so Christina asked them what they wanted to do for their birthdays.

Cameryn wanted a paint party.

Jay had something else in mind.

“I don’t think I want to get gifts this year,” he said. “I think I want to collect shoes.”

Jay has two passions — sports and weather. He spends as much time watching videos of tornadoes on YouTube as videos of his favorite athletes.

He wants to be a storm chaser one day.

“Plan A, basketball player,” he clarified. “Plan B, storm chaser.”

So, when tornadoes raked across Oklahoma in May, Jay was engrossed. He soaked up the coverage like a sponge, and when news came that Durant was making a million-dollar donation to storm relief, Jay heard and started talking about doing something himself.

“But he wasn’t sure what,” his dad, Jamie, said.

He finally hit on an idea — shoes.

And when his mom asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he realized there wasn’t anything that he needed. He has a TV in his room. An Xbox. A Wii. A piano.

“I’m set,” he said.

What he wanted was to collect shoes for storm victims, kids to be exact.

“If this is something you want to do,” his mom told him that day in the car, “you’re going to have to write a letter and explain to all our friends and family what’s going on.”

So, he did.

It’s great to hear about Kevin Durant scoring 60+ points in a summer game or some 8 year old basketball prodigy but it’s better to hear stories about great players and the youth doing good things in for others.

Source: The Oklahoman


Eight-year-old Jay Fair meets with Kevin Durant. PHOTO PROVIDED

Eight-year-old Jay Fair meets with Kevin Durant. PHOTO PROVIDED


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