Kids interview Kevin Love about free agency: Love says what he rather be than a Laker

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Kelly Olynyk Jared Sullinger Kevin Love

Do you remember all those painful media questions during the NBA Finals that were annoying and/or amusing LeBron, Wade and the coaches?  Well, they could take some lessons from these 2 kids – Sophie and Stellan.  The duo drilled a surprised looking Kevin Love about his upcoming free agency plans and got some pretty interesting answers out of him.

On a more serious note, it’s being reported by ESPN’s Chad Ford that the best trade offer for the TWolves might be from the Celtics.

Celtics are trying hard to use pick No. 6 and 17 along with future No. 1s and young players such as Jared Sullinger or Kelly Olynyk to persuade the Minnesota Timberwolves to trade them Kevin Love. One source close to the Wolves said that while Flip Saunders does not want to trade Love, he realizes the team likely will lose him this summer and the package the Celtics are offering is probably the best he’s going to get. Given the strength of the draft, picks 6, 13 and 17 could land them three young starters to help them rebuild their roster quickly.

The Lakers, Warriors, Suns and Bulls are all listening, even to Skylander reporters, carefully and seeing what they can do to land Love.

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